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The Magic Comfort Formula

Our socks are woven from combed-cotton threads. Combed-cotton is produced by putting cotton through a combing process that makes it stronger and softer. On top of that, we have reinforced the toe and heel area to make them more resistant against the invisible sock-moths that eat holes into your socks. This means that your pair of talking toes not only feel incredibly soft on your feet, they can last longer and can withstand multiple washes.

80% Combed cotton, 11% Nylon, 9% Spandex

Our no-show socks had to pass our own standards. So we experimented with various patterns in our factory samples. After putting them through long hours of wearing and a series of washes, we discovered that the best way to keep our no-show socks up was the use of a special silicone pattern at the heel. We adopted this feature for all our no-show socks so that you can count on them to stay up when you need them to.


Fit and Sizing

We heard your feedback from our last campaign. Each pair of no-shows now comes in two sizes, EU 36-40 (Small) and EU 41-46 (Large), and is suitable for both men and women of all feet sizes!!



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