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Cryptocurrency - The Board Game
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Cryptocurrency - The Board Game

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Experts help you to spread rumor, trade or mine cryptocurrency more efficiently and you hire them to optimize your winning strategy! The Experts are organized into different categories, with each specializing a different type of strategy. Each expert has specific abilities that can be used each time you activate them to perform an action. Who you hire is the strategic part of Cryptocurrency as it will determine your dominant strategy in the game.




When you choose to mine a cryptocurrency, you have to deploy your experts to solve a digital algorithm using the Hash cards in a push your luck mini game. Devote enough experts and your mining success is guaranteed, while using less will decrease your chances of success, but preserving your resource for future actions. Just like in real world Cryptocurrency, mining will get more difficult as more and more people mined the same resource.  A successful mining exercise will reward you with cryptocurrencies and transaction fees, while a failed attempt will yield you nothing. Will you depend on lady luck for exponential rewards or use your company's full capability to eliminate all luck?



Cryptocurrency is still in an infant stage and big traders (called Whales) have the ability to influence the market through selling and buying. You can send your experts to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and every 4 units you buy or sell will push the price up or down. Meanwhile, you can take out a loan to speculate in various cryptocurrencies allowing you to multiply your profits quickly, or use the loan to hire the right experts, who will help you to manipulate the market prices with ease!



If fake news and social media is your domain, consider the rumor mongering strategy. At the end of each turn, each player will have a chance to deploy one open or hidden rumor card on each cryptocurrency. As a rumormonger, you do not have much mining or trading power but you can manipulate rumors at will and discover the hidden landmines your opponents placed at various cryptocurrencies. You will probably be the first to find out which cryptocurrency is the scam in disguised..



At the end of the game, all hidden rumor cards will be unveiled and the cryptocurrency with the lowest rumor points will be declared as a scam and will become worthless. The problem is, the player that holds the most amount of a particular coin will be richly rewarded with bonus points..  As each of you participate in laying down the rumor cards, you will need to deduce which coin is a scam based on the cards you laid and other players' actions. Do you HODL (crypto slang for Hold On for Dear Life) or do you SELL before the game ends...
If you managed to avoid the scam, you may have a good chance to be the one to accumulate the most amount of money and be declared as the ultimate cryptocurrency investor!



If you feel that you have mastered the game, it is time for the advanced mode! Each Cryptocurrency game comes with a set of info and market boards where each cryptocurrency will have its unique characteristics, creating more varied play. You can mix and match them with the basic boards creating a different cryptocurrency world each time you play.


 One key design philosophy of Capital Gains Studio is to design games that closely resemblance real world finance mechanics. We always embark on an intensive research before designing any of our finance games and the education guide is a summary of our research. It also serves as an interesting insight on how the game is designed and an introduction to the world of cryptocurrency. A hard copy of the guide will be included in every standard edition of the game and a preview of the education guide can be downloaded in the link below!  



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