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Aubergine Pillow  Comfort in just a puff
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Aubergine Pillow – Comfort in just a puff

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Product Details


Composition of an Aubergine

Nobody wants to run short of breath.
 It is an inflatable pillow that plumps up generously in just a puff.

Nobody wants to taste stale saliva.
Puffing 2 inches away from the spout initiates the Bernoulli effect, using the surrounding air to multiply the volume of your breath. It’s a wind-wind!

Nobody wants a bad fit. 
Perfect size for maximum hug-ability, so nest yourself on our mount-ever-rest.

Nobody should break their necks.
Sensual contours and a well-placed dimple to cradle your head and support your neck. Good support not only eliminates the all-too-familiar head lolling and bobbing, but goes beyond that by stabilising your head for optimal on-the-go sleeping posture. 

Nobody wants drool stains.
Dark coloured fabrics for maximum discretion and an instant dozing environment. Perfectly machine washable.

Nobody should be weighed down by a pillow.
 This sleeping pill deflates fast, rolls snug and compacts small.

The Multi-talented Aubergine 

Aubergine vs the world

Stay cool with the Aubergine Pillow.



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