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Sleep Magic - Smart Anti-Snoring Eye Mask
We The People

Sleep Magic - Smart Anti-Snoring Eye Mask

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Product Details


“This product is amazing and has helped my husband and I achieve better sleep every night!”

Yes. We’re responsible for many saved marriages

Introducing Sleep Magic

Sleep Magic - Anti snoring Mask  | We The People

Unlike most traditional anti-snoring devices, Sleep Magic comes in the form of an amazingly comfortable face mask, so it can combat your snoring, all while you sleep comfortably.

The traditional ways are out

Sleep Magic Anti Snoring Mask - We The People

 Seriously? Seriously?

“There’s a better way.”


SleepMagic Anti-Snoring Mask | We The People

Each time you snore, Sleep Magic is able to detect your snoring by using its advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technology.

Sleep Magic will then send out 1 of 36 different levels of carefully calculated vibrations, in accordance with the intensity and severity of your snoring.

This will then send a signal to your brain, essentially telling you to relax your throat muscles, and open up your airways again. And this all happens while you’re sound asleep. Yes. It does not interfere with your sleep, at all. Not. One. Bit.

Don't Believe it? We have the stats to prove it!

When you wake up, simply hit the function button on Sleep Magic, and it will send all the data from last night’s restful, snore-free sleep, to its free to download App.

Sleep Magic App at a glance

  • Number of snores (in decibels too??)
  • Number of Snores Stopped
  • Duration of each snore
  • Sleep duration (and quality?)

  • I mean, that’s quality data right there.

    Sleep Magic also comes with 2 sleep masks, which DO NOT touch your eyes when you’re sleeping (and feel amazing, by the way. We’ve tried it.), so you can wash and interchange them at will. Simple detach the master unit and snap it on to the other cleanly washed pair.


    Anytime. Anywhere.

    Moreover, whether you’re in bed at home, on a plane, at the office (pick the right time please), or in a car, Sleep Magic has you covered.

    The catch

    So there’s just one catch though. We’ll need you to commit to it. Not to alarm you (pun intended), but just like getting those washboard abs, that perfect waist, or even keeping your marriage strong for instance, there is just no snooze button (pun intended again) there, unfortunately. You’ll need to keep at it, constantly, to see those results you want. But we’re confident, that you’ll see those results if you commit.

    All in all, it really is that simple. $180 to save your marriage, or just to stop your snoring if you’re not married (you’ll find someone)? Perhaps there really is some magic at work here.


    Sweetdreams :)

    Additional Specifications
  • Material: Ecological soft high-density sponge
  • App: Anroid and iOS compatible
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • Battery capacity: 80mAh

    What’s in the box
  • Snoring Eye Mask x2
  • Anti-snoring device x1
  • Charging Cable x1
  • User Manual x1
  • FAQs

    Q: How long before I see results?

    A: Results really vary from person to person, and It is very hard to give one definite answer. Some of our customers have seen results after a week or so, and some of our customers only see quality results after months. Most Importantly, you have to use it every day.

    Q: Will this work if I have sleep apnoea?

    A: No. This will not work if you have sleep apnoea. Sleep Magic only works to stop and reduce snoring. You will need to seek medical assistance if you suffer apnoea.

    Q: How long is the warranty coverage?

    A: 1 year local warranty.

    Q: Can I wash the anti-snoring device?

    A: No. Only the mask can be washed. Light handwashing with minimal detergent is recommended.

    Q: How long does the battery last?

    A: Sleep Magic requires very little battery consumption to perform its tasks. 1 full charge will last you approximately 4 nights.

    Q: How long will I need to charge it?

    A: 30 Mins.

    Q: Where can I download the application?

    A: Simply go to Google Play Store on Android, or the App Store on iOS, and search for Sleep Magic.

    Q: How does the data recording work?

    Do note that Sleep Magic is able to record only 1 set of data a day. If you take naps throughout the day, Sleep Magic will capture data from the short nap and the data to be inaccurate.



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