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S2EX - Red Superlight
Brompton Junction

S2EX - Red (Superlight)

The Brompton S2EX, also known as 'Superlight' is made for fast and flat journeys. Up to 0.74kg lighter than an all-steel Brompton, it makes jumping on and off trains and taking up flights of stairs easier than ever, all whilst maintaining a compact package that can be tucked away neatly at home or under a desk.

Its simple two speed setup keeps the bike light so it’s easier to carry, with just enough of a low gear to tackle to occasional hills. If you want something really light and don’t mind pedaling harder occasionally, the S2EX is the choice. The combination of red frame and titanium forks also showcase it's timeless engineering design and stylish look.
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Product Details

Weight: 10.2 kg