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ATH-AWAS Asada Sakura Headphone

ATH-AWAS (Asada Sakura) Headphone

ATH-AWAS (Asada Sakura) housing is made of Japanese cherry wood named “Asada Sakura”, a beauty traditional wood that has been adopted for luxuty furnitures previously. This model delivers a great classy red finish which compromises of an “artful” grain details with a superb acoustic sound. 

New Exclusive Driver-Unit – Adopting Audio-Technica’s traditional technologies from our 53mm driver, D.A.D.S.(Double Air Damping System), an exclusive design driver-unit was made to create a wider sound field with the highest purity of sound.

Asada Sakura Wood: Material of Good Acoustic Characteristics – Asada Sakura is excellent in acoustic characteristics thanks to its fine-grain

Magnesium Alloy Arm – Lightweight and high-rigidity. The angle of the housing and arm is also revised for better comfort, making it easy for long hours of listening.

Balanced Connector – L/R channel separating sound for Hi-Fi listening with a detachable balanced cable of XLR plug. Cables made of 6NOFC wires, giving a high-definition and powerful sound listening.

Made in Japan – Hand-essembled in Tokyo, Japan for absolute consistency.
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