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Rocketbook Everlast Mini - 1000 Notebooks in Your Pocket
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Rocketbook Everlast Mini - 1000 Notebooks in Your Pocket

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Product Details

The Everlast Mini is a pocket-sized notebook built for the digital age. Although it feels like a traditional notebook, the Everlast Mini is endlessly reusable and connects to all of your favorite cloud services. Like the original Everlast, when you write using any pen from the Pilot Frixion line, your writing bonds to the Everlast Mini pages like regular paper. But add a drop of water… and the entire notebook erases like magic. The Everlast Mini also works with the Rocketbook App in a new and unique way. So before your notes go off the Mini, scan them using your Rocketbook App, and store them online perfectly organized.


Rocketbook Mini Features


We crafted the Everlast Mini to be the same height as Frixion Pens so they can travel together in the same spaces and go to the same places. 


The Rocketbook System is the combination of a special notebook and a free mobile app. Write notes and create designs in your notebook with a pen. Then, using patent-pending image capture technology, the Rocketbook app accurately and quickly captures and bundles your notes together… in any orientation!





The Everlast Mini works with the Rocketbook cloud organization system in a new and unique way. Using the Rocketbook app, you assign 7 shortcuts “symbols” to a destination of your choice: any folder inside Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, your email address, or many other cloud services. After you have completed scanning pages, simply select the destination symbol(s) you would like to send your notes. The Rocketbook app instantly files your notes in the right place.



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