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LAC Zhi 60Ml X 8 Bottles
GNC Live Well

LAC Zhi (60Ml X 8 Bottles)

Zhi™ for Zest Health and Immunity
Zhi™ is proprietary Cordyceps-Lingzhi power cocktail formulated to support the immune system and boost energy levels. It is a proprietary formula that uses only the finest species of century-old documented Traditional Chinese herbs- Lingzhi, which is processed with a unique and break-through fermentation technology to achieve the highest proportion of fermented polysaccharides with valuable Cordyceps sinesis and high-grade Lingzhi polysaccharides (more than 200mg of active polysaccharides, Beta-D glucan)

Enhanced with added nutrients such as B-complex, Beta Carotene, Taurine and Vitamin C, Zhi™ provides the greater benefits for long term well-being.

Take Zhi™ and feel the difference in your Zest, Health and Immunity!

Benefits for Zhi™
• Works like an energy shot! Feel the energy surge with every shot!
• Supports health immune functions
• Promotes health recuperation after illness and surgery
• Nourishes vital organs for long term well-being
• Improves physical and mental performance
• Promotes blood circulation
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