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IEX1 In-Ear Hybrid Earphones

IEX1 In-Ear Hybrid Earphones

The ATH-IEX1 features a unique multidriver system comprised of a push-pull dynamic driver and a dual balanced armature driver, contained within a forged and uniquely machined solid titanium housing. The exclusive driver design and configuration contribute to superior audio reproduction, with both deep, rich bass and high-definition in the higher frequencies. 

The ATH-IEX1 incorporates a unique combination of dynamic and balanced armature drivers. Dual phase push-pull drivers feature 9.8 mm plus 8.8 mm drivers, facing each other, and fixed with a durable, machined-brass stabilizer. The 9.8 mm works as a full-range driver, while the 8.8 mm functions as a passive radiator to strengthen the lower frequency. Those two units face each other, and their diaphragm movement syncs to minimize distortion and provide audio that is true to the original sound. Plus, two balanced armature drivers are included, acting like super tweeters to contribute accurate, high-frequency range reproduction.

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