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GNC Womens Prenatal Formula With Iron 120 Tablets
GNC Live Well

GNC Women's Prenatal Formula With Iron (120 Tablets)

•A premium multivitamin-mineral with over 23 nutrients for during-pregnancy, women preparing for childbearing, and nursing mothers
•Very comprehensive formula and good nutrient amounts to promote optimal intake of:
>Antioxidants protection
>Energizing B-Complex vitamins
>Bone maintaining nutrients
?Blood building nutrients

•Promote sound nutrition for pre-, during & post-pregnancy, and during nursing period
•Fill nutritional gaps to promote both mom and baby health
•Nutritional gaps often result from poor diet & appetite fluctuations
•Promote energy level and stress coping
•Help pregnant women stay energetic and cope with changes well
•Better enjoyment of the pregnancy
•Maintain healthy muscle function
•Improved physical strength and prevent muscle cramps
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