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GNC Double Strength Fish Oil 90 Softgels - Lemon Flavor
GNC Live Well

GNC Double Strength Fish Oil (90 Softgels) - Lemon Flavor

•Double concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids compared to regular fish oil product, i.e. 600mg (360mg EPA, 240mg DHA) – good dose for everyone
•Lemon flavored to reduce fishy burps

•Healthy cholesterol and blood pressure profiles, thus promote better blood circulation
•Nutrients and oxygen would be delivered to body cells well, thus improving energy/vitality
•Reduce risk of heart disease
•Anti-inflammation support
•Alleviate inflammatory symptoms, such as pain, stiff joints and itchy rash on skin (eczema)
•Brain health and cognitive functions
•DHA helps to delay age-related brain function decline.
•Promote good concentration and attention span, better mood, recall ability and information retention
•Restore skin hydration and healing ability
•Retain moisture in the skin, making it smooth, velvety
•Support in skin’s healing /repair, reducing scars formation
•Highly purified – free from mercury, lead, heavy metals and PCBs contamination harm
•From wild, deep ocean fish
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