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Aerospring The versatile vertical garden for everyone
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Aerospring: The versatile, vertical garden for everyone

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Product Details

The Aerospring is a modern, compact vertical aeroponic gardening system that helps you grow up to 27 edible plants at a time using only 10 square feet, or one square meter, of space. It’s a tried and tested outdoor gardening system that has successfully turned many aspiring gardeners into urban farmers.



The Aerospring gardening system uses aeroponics, a process in which plants are grown by having their roots suspended in air and regularly showering them with a nutrient-rich water solution. There’s no need to weed or toil any soil, and there’s much less threat from pests because the system is completely soil-less.

Seedlings are started in a hydroponic grow medium called rockwool, which is derived from basalt rock. It retains plenty of water but still provides the roots with enough oxygen to develop into healthy and strong plants. You can germinate your own seedlings with the grow cubes provided or buy some at your local garden centre. 

The Aerospring garden features a sleek hexagonal pole design that fits in any small apartment, home or balcony, using only 10 square feet, or one square meter, of space. It’s the most efficient way to grow up to 27 plants in a small space.

The Aerospring Indoor highlights the hexagonal shape in the grow tent, integrating six powerful triple-band LED grow lights. The tent can be left entirely open or completely closed in seconds. It illuminates a dark corner of your home, providing an oasis of greenery and the scent of fresh herbs in winter months. The garden is on wheels, so it can easily be moved around or put into any spare room.

Assembling your Aerospring is simple (it takes just fifteen minutes) with no additional tools required. Adding on your Indoor kit is just as easy and can be done in less than an hour.


Because the Aerospring Garden automates irrigation and lighting schedules, there’s very little time and effort required to maintain the garden. But to ensure the very best results, set aside 5 minutes every couple of days to tend to the garden. These few minutes should be used to check plants and to trim away older leaves. You will also need to check on the water and nutrient levels every so often and top them up when necessary. Most people do this about once a week. 

Harvest plants regularly -- pinch and prune the top tips so that they grow more efficiently, but above all, experience the joy of effortless gardening in your own home! Grow an abundance (up to 15lbs/7kg) of fresh, nutritious pesticide-free produce every month

(*actual yield depends on plants grown).



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